For the last several years I have been actively involved in internet marketing, not only for inns and B&Bs, but for several associations, including New Hampshire Select Registry, Kennebunk-Kennebunkport Chamber of Commerce, and Passport to New England. Website Marketing Clients


I offer a range of services to meet the varying needs of my clients. Initially, I perform an evaluation of the overall visibility of the client's website, determining its rank on the various search engines, its volume of traffic, and it sources for that traffic. If available, I also compare the results against those of other properties in the geographic area and of my other clients top see if there are areas of opportunity.

Based on the evaluation, my proposal to the client includes what actions I recommend should be taken and a detailed cost of executing those actions.

Unlike some other companies that provide similar services, the cost of the services I provide are based on the specific needs of the client, not a preset package of services, some of which the client may not need.

Also, I monitor the activity of each of clients' websites periodically and report those results to the client, along with any recommendations I have to improve performance or reduce costs.

Services include:

Search Engine Optimization: Making your site search engine friendly by making sure the content of your site will give it more exposure when potential guests are searching. Google AdWords

Search Engine Paid Placement Search engines offer the opportunity to have a preferred position on their results pages by letting advertisers bid for certain keywords.  The cost is dependent on what others bid for the same keywords and how often the visitor clicks on the link to the bidder's site.

Linkage to sites and directories that produce cost-effective referrals. I monitor the performance of all the major online B&B/inn directories to determine if my clients' listings on these directories are producing the desired results

Website Hosting & Maintenanceserver including: Access to Log Files, 24x7 Server Monitoring 24x7, FTP Access, Daily Backups of all data, Email Accounts, Email Aliases, Email Forwarding, Web Mail Access, Email Virus Protection, Domain Pointers, 10 MB Storage. Requests for changes to your site are usually made within 24 hours.


Website Marketing Clients







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Website Marketing Clients

Graduate of:  Search Engine College